You usually say that you are not a person easily moved or impressed. Is that true?

Well… I was at the Madison Square Garden shows in 2009, the two nights he played full album The River and The Wild, the Innocent and The E Street Shuffle. I won the lottery on the first night, so I was in the front row, just in front of Bruce’s microfone. A real Holy Shit moment.

So, if you mean moved in the sense I was there with big fat tears running down my cheeks, well, my honest answer is no. But if I have to recall those sensations, I really really had some pure ecstatic moments, very difficult to traslate in words. It was like a dream, and there were moments I looked around to realize I really WAS there. Like when you’re sleeping and dreaming, then they wake you up and for a moment or two you don’t understand what the hell is going on and where, or when, you are.

And for the rest, pure joy. And also strange, in some way: I was there, about three feet from Bruce singin’ songs he had written when he was younger than all of us. Weird, in a sense. But beautiful.


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