Gleamin in the sun

1-DSCN1610 1-DSCN1575 Cadillac Ranch, 2009 1-DSCN1581 Long and Tall...

I’ve seen some shows overseas, and when I’m there I try to travel and visit as much as possible.  In 2009 I went to the last 4 shows of the tour, and between Milwaukee and Nashville there was a two days break, so we planned to go to Texas and see the Cadillac Ranch. Why not? You know, spend two days on 4 o 5 planes, rent a car, drive for about two hours just to be around the place for one afternoon, more or less. Crazy right? Are we doing it? of course we are. Annnnd so here we are in Milwaukee, the night before our great trip to Texas, basically to see the back cover of The river, if you think about it. The lights went off, the crowd screams, Bruce is on stage, the show is beginning…and he calls for first song Cadillac Ranch. We are stunned. I don’t think he has ever played that song for first, maybe just another time, but it’s not a rule, for sure.

And tonight, of all the nights, he begins with Cadillac Ranch. I know, it’s just a coincidence, no big deal… just some Bruce magic spreadin’ all over our lives. Boy, are we happy now.


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