Meant to be


In 2002 was announced one single date in Italy and it would be Bologna. I well remember how hard it was to get a pair of tickets that particular time but luckily enough my two big brothers got one each, after an overnight queue at the box office in Rome and well… the little sister would be left behind this time… he’s coming back next year, no panic nor fear.

Needless to say how disappointing all that felt, but somehow things started to turn out differently a couple of weeks before the show when a general strike was announced. The whole country would be paralized for a day – THAT day! And that was enough for  my family (my mum included!) to decide to set off for a daily trip to Bologna. My brothers would head the venue straight away while the girls would wander around and take the opportunity to visit the city they’d never seen before. Fair enough and off we go!
My mum and I were left in the town centre to have a walk around, and I found ourselves passing by the so called hotel Baglioni – totally by chance – and noticed some people gathered around its premises. It didn’t take long and there they come out, one after another bound to the venue for the soundcheck! I cannot tell you what a shock that was: totally unexpected and unbelievable!

Extremely light-hearted after such an encounter, slowly we made our way to Casalecchio as the time of the show was approching and I was curious to hear the sound from the outside. So I dragged my mum all around the venue and we stopped at the back door where the trucks were parked and I could recognize Max’s drums at first and the guitar on ‘Waitin’ on a sunny day’. I sat down on the pavement and there I was singing along while my mum walked away pretty bored. I must have been so taken that I was completely startled by my mum hurrying to me ’cause somebody was bothering her and she couldn’t understand what the man was saying: ‘Come and see what he wants’.
It took less than a minute since the security guy has asked me wheter I wanted to see the show and me replying ‘I’d love to!’ to me literally pushing my mum in holding our newly-gotten tickets!! Nobody was at the gate, obviously – the concert had started more than half an hour before and to our great surprise we found ourselves sitting first row in what was the press section!

It was the first time ever I attended a show which was half way through but it never felt better than that: I was meant to be there, no matter what and somehow I managed to on such a special night!


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