We’re talking Bruce Springsteen, here


So I had this friend I decided to bring to a Bruce’s concert for the first time in his life. He liked Jimi Hendrix and Deep Purple and rock’n’roll stuff and during the years I have given him some Bruce cds and music, but you know, if he’s dear friend, you want him to see Bruce live, to understand. I don’t think too many people can actually understand, I mean some appreciate, they come to the show and sing and dance, but they’re not hooked. We, as fans, grew up with Bruce, he’s been there for all our lives, it’s different. But it’s not the same for everyone, and sometimes I don’t want to bring someone I’m not sure will really appreciate the experience. Anyway.

I bought him the ticket, and instructed him on the essential songs he had to learn to come preparared: you know, just that 50/70 basic songs to cover a possible setlist-changes situation. My friend was really the best: he stayed in line from 4.30 in the morning, witnessed to all the chat between fans without batting an eyelash, endured a whole day under the sun. I have to say that my Bruce buds were really nice to him, but still he endured and smiled for a whole day of discomfort.

Then there was the show, and speaking of a Bruce Springsteen’s show, let’s just say it was a thing of rock’n’roll perfection. At the end, I turned to my friend and asked So? Do you understand now?

And he said Oh Yes, I do. And I said I’m betting that if next month a new date was announced you’ll come, right?

And he said…Well…

and I was like Oh my God he didn’t get it he still doen’t get it after such a show I’m going to beat you you uncultured swine and he said “You know, I don’t know if I’d come, this concert was perfect, how can he do better? There’s no way he’s gonna top that! is there?”

and we were all like AAAAWWW Come here and let’s hug, next show you’ll see. Don’t you worry about Bruce. He can, and he will.

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