Just answer the question, please


Sometimes when I’m daydreaming on my couch with my cats and dogs asleep around me, I like to imagine how great it would be to ask Bruce something. And the first thing that comes to my mind is always What do you think of us? What do you really think of all these persons that in so many many years loved your music? Come on.

I imagine him sitting on this bar on a tool, some beer, a shot of Tequila… I’m right there, of course, because I’m the one who had the idea for the interview, for one thing. And I ask Please Bruce, tell us. Tell us what you think when you come onstage, and all these people are in front of you, just for you. As fans, we have let you know in many ways what you mean to us, what your music means, what your presence in our life means and has meant.

So, come on. When you went out on that stage with tens, and then thousands, and then umpteen of persons in wait of your mystical appearence, tell me, what was your first thought? When you saw all those people declaring you everlasting love, all those signs, all those hands reaching up for you… what were you REALLY thinking?

-I’m happy! I’m so utterly completely fucking fantastic happy! Thank you God, thank you!

– I love them! I really love each and everyone of these people!!!

-Ok, come on, tonight I’m gonna kill them all with rock’n’roll! I’m gonna give’m hell RIGHT NOW!

-Holy Shit I forgot to pee

– Ok this evening no Dancing in the Dark, come on, in the first rows there’s just ugly men!

-Ok maybe I’ll pick an ugly man, who am I to judge anyway? it’ll be fun!

– I’m sooo in love with all this, more than everything else in the world!

-Do I deserve all this?

-I miss the Big Man

– I’m happy. I’m happy. I’m happy.

-Oh Professor you’re so unbelieavably good, the notes pouring from your fingers are just a work of grace

– Ok this kid doesn’t know Sunny day and he clearly doesn’t want to sing…I’d really like to kick his parents’s arses! Why did they throw me the kid in the first place?

-Oooh tonight I’m so psyched up! After the show I’m gonna go to Patti and…

-Oh this is fun! this really is fun!

-now just listen to this! how they sing all together! they’re just great like this!!!

-Holy shitballs how fat is Stevie?

-Come on we can do better then this! who fucked up the start? Me? well, d’ho!

-I swear to God if Stevie doesn’t stop spitting me in the face while singing Two hearts I’ll kick him in the ass right in front of everybody!

– Ooooh look at those hands, all waving in the air!

-Ok, so 70 bucks as average price for 50.000 persons…

-I love you all people, I really really do.

So come on Bruce… what do you think?

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