Guilty, your Honor


Without Bruce Springsteen’s music my life would be easier. Yes. I’m serious. And it’s not a “better – worse” question.
Before bumpin’ into the crowd’s roar at “Born in the USA”, followed a few minutes later by a “father vs. son” speech introducing “The River”, music for me was just, you know, entertainment. Fun. Dance floors and easy-listening.

After those few minutes, I realized that some kind of music can change lives: it will become a lifetime companion, it will never betray you, if you let her into your heart. Your life will change, and in better.
Ok, and that’s the positive part. Problems start to arise when you start thinking “Wow, if music make people feel better that way, and I wanna try to make people feel better, well, I can try playin’ music!”. That’s when things get complicated.

Because you have to deal with doors slammed in your face, relationship failures, nights spent awake driving in the cold, broken backs carryin’ guitars, amps, drums, just some examples.
But hey, there’s a few rewards, if you’re lucky enough. It’s your dreams, and life at large, and your audience’s dreams, and life at large, that melt together when you’re on stage.
And you, and them, you all feel better. And believe me, if doesn’t matter if there’s only one guy or millions in the audience. (ok, I have to admit I’ve got a better experience in the one-guy-option…).
And if you’re luckier, this happens also when you jump off the stage.
So, for all this and all what I’m dealing with since 1994, there’s only one man you’ll find guilty.
Bruce Springsteen.
I hope now you’ll understand what I mean when I say “easier life” a few lines ago, and maybe you’ll also find an answer to the “better – worse” question.
I got a pretty good idea about it.

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