Just friends

Her: Friendship is one of the most beautiful feelings to live because it fills you with warmth, emotions, empathy; it enriches you yet it’s completely free. All of a sudden you choose each other, you let that person enter your life, you both build intimacy and affection. And the best thing is, you can walk together and grow up together even if at a certain point your lives take different paths, even if you are far away. You are not on the same road, but you go in the same direction.
Him: I completely agree. Our Bruce buds bunch is like those characters in Big Wednesday, where even if they don’t see each other in years when there’s the big sea storm they found themselves in the waves without even call or look for each other. Bruce is our heavy sea, he resets to zero the time passed between tours, and even if it has been years since we saw each other, we start up again like we’ve seen each other just the day before.


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