Quite enough


I enjoy Bruce as topic of general conversations, if someone brings him on and said someone is at least remotely competent on the subject. If he’s like Oh yeah Bruce Springsteen, the guy BOOORN IN THE UUU EEES EEEI (by the way, why is it that every time they mention BITUSA they try to sing it to you? why? do you think I’m not knowing the song? do you think you are singing it so well? Jeeez), anyways, if he’s some moron like this, I don’t even engage in this topic. But, you know, in normal talks, if some new co-worker says Oh I like this song, I really like Bruce Springsteen, I can share something with him/her. But usually I’m not the one who picks up Bruce as subject of casual chats, nor I’m trying to educate or convert someone on this hot topic of mine. Not anymore, I mean. When I was younger I made cassettes, compilations, suggestions, ’cause I really felt sorry for those who were missing Bruce in their life. I felt it was some kind of mission, oh My God I have to save you from your musical ignorance. But now, after so many years, I’m not trying anymore. I have my friends, my Bruce-buds, my history. I’m done with the religious militance. Like Oh yeah I know some Bruce Springsteen’s songs, I think I even have a couple of CDs at home.

-Which CDs?

– Oh I think Born to run and Darkness.

-Ok so you have at home Born to run and Darkness, and you don’t like Bruce Springsteen. You have THE ROAD open in front of you, and you still are here talking to me like he’s some kind of XF novelty. You know what? I’m out of here, you are on your own.

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