Liar, liar, pants on fire…


I think we all Springsteen fans have one thing in common, besides Bruce and the Band, of course. And I think, it’s the hundreds of big fat lies we gave to our family and work managers during the years about travels, concerts, bootlegs, expenses. Liars!!! In 1999 I told my mum I was waiting for a couple of friends to pick me up, cause they had to bring me to a near city for my basketball game, while the truth was I was travelling all night long to go to a show in Spain. I saw the 1st show of the Reunion tour and skipped the second for that basketball game. And we won. In the same year I convinced my girlfriend to be part of the Meadowlands Marathon: I booked an horrible Days Inn on the New Jersey Turnpike instead of the Manhattan room I promised her, and the reason was to have more money to buy more tickets. We had the last 5 shows, and an incredible fight. We entered the show only during Dowonbound Train and we had the opportunity to listen NYC Serenade, that was OUR song, so in a way we managed. In june 2003 a journalist friend of mine decided to make me an interview for a newspaper, he assured me that was the LOCAL edition of the newspaper, because I started to tell him how many stories I invented for my family to cover my Springsteen’s travels. Obviously all my family had THE NATIONAL edition the morning after and my life was a distaster for almost  two months. And my mom after 10 years is still able to bring me up some of that crap, anyway.


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