Let’s have a Party


I’ve seen just one show, for now. Until two years ago I was not a genuine fan, I just knew some songs, and I had always refused to go to a concert because not really knowing the music I was afraid  I would not have been able to appreciate the whole show. I know how silly this sounds now, believe me. Anyways. You know how it goes: you finally see him live, you have your rock’n’roll Baptism, and you’ll never never ever be the same. I just want to say two extra things. One, is that after three o four songs, I was thinking As a rule, in life as in a rock show, you don’t want to get off to flying start and burn everything you have in the first five minutes, and then jump the gun. So I thought Well he has done two mega rock songs, now he’ll set to something less dramatic, less passionate, or he’ll never be able to maintain this kind of energy and adrenaline for three hours. AH!

The second thought I want to share, is that I’ve read some criticism in regard to the end of the show: how is predictable and less exciting than the rest of the concert. But to me it was unbelievable, all the lights on, girls who can dance with Bruce, any kind of people, old men, kids, old women who ask to dance with rest of the band, ok, permission granted, there’s just this party atmosphere but it’s a big rock show! and it’s rock’n’roll and yet it seems a small country festival, everybody knows your name and above all Bruce knows you…and they all laugh, the people dancing in the field and on the upper floors and the people onstage, and you’re there with your friends and smile and laugh…It’s a unique sense of fiesta, it’s wonderful.



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