THAT happy


Well, let’s see.

Interminable journeys, endless waiting, friends, rock’n’roll, guitars, passion, adrenaline, dozing off, happiness, improvised beds, that amazing feeling of being home when your home is actually miles away, years in between but you see your Bruce buds and it’s like you’ve seen them just the day before, shattered sleep, the Flood above us, pink windbreakers and the glasses completely fogged, being happy all together like children even if next year I’m 38, Clarence’s images on screen and thinking of my father, foam rubber in the car after the show, The Six Million Dollar Man driving us home in the night, the endless laughing, that stupendous feeling of being normal even if you’re doing bat shit crazy things.

And then there’s still people who’s asking you: Why are you doing it?

See my smile? I’ve been rarely THAT happy in my life. I mean completely, totally, nothing like that amazingly happy. But each and every time I’m at a Bruce’s show, I’m that happy.


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