Just keep on dreaming


On the last tour I probably lost the concert of the year. I was flat broke, no time to fool around and even less focus, since I had a real important exam to prepare for. I am sincere here, I truly was green with envy for all my friends who happily attended the show… But since I became a college student in Architecture I really began to understand what is the meaning of making sacrifices to make your dreams come true: you don’t go out or mess around, you don’t go shopping, sometimes you don’t eat and you don’t sleep, you just don’t have time to do anything but study, and to arrive at the exam with a bed head and bags under your eyes.

And then you pass your exam and all this suddenly makes you proud, because in spite of all the problems and the efforts (and big fat SHITTY exams), I’m doing what I want to do, I’m working for my future, for my dreams, and I like it. And Bruce is always there with me, he never leaves my side, he keeps me grounded and at the same time he lifts me up. I keep going on, because it’s one of his biggest truth: you gotta believe in your dreams.

I went to that exam with my Born to run t-shirt, and you know, I passed it, it’s my lucky t-shirt, after all!

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