They are alive – Holocaust Memorial Day 2015

Let your mind rest easy, sleep well my friend
It’s only our bodies that betray us in the end10384468_900166423341232_1828693363761971273_n

Well, I awoke last night in the dark and dreamy deep
From my head to my feet, my body’d gone stone cold
There were worms crawling all around me
My fingers scratching at an earth black and six foot low
Well, alone in the blackness of my grave
Alone I’d been left to die
Then I heard voices calling all around me
And the earth rose above me and my eyes filled with sky
We are alive
Though our bodies lie alone here in the dark
Our souls and spirits rise
To carry the fire and light the spark
To stand shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart
To fight shoulder to shoulder and heart
We are alive


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