Rewind the memories on Bryn Mawr (and great Ed Sciaky)


Great story from Tom Cunnigham.

Last week when I read a friend’s post about Ed Sciaky being gone for 11 years, it really was a knock upside the head. Forty years ago tonight, a classic Springsteen show — one of his greatest (and most-bootlegged) performances, featuring the premiere of “Thunder Road” (then known as “Wings for Wheels”) along with early versions of “Jungleland” and “Born to Run,” and the first-known cover of “Mountain of Love.” February 5, 1975, broadcast on Philadelphia’s WMMR and hosted by the late, great DJ Ed Sciaky.  Part of Ed’s well deserved legacy as a Philadelphia radio icon will always be tied in with Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band’s historic show at the Main Point in Bryn Mawr.
I had no idea about said show/broadcast. I was away at school and no one had bothered to invent streaming radio station audio and or texting or any such stuff at that point, so who knew. I discovered that show on a crappy sounding bootleg album later that summer, happily upgrading at least three times to various CD sets over the years.
As a baby disc jockey, it was a treat to cross paths with Ed, and even more fun to get to know him and to talk Bruce with him.
When I began doing the Bruce Brunch on 105.7 The Hawk in December 2003, Ed called, and he was naturally curious about what I was up to. He was still doing his Sunday night Bruce show on WMGK and was, of course, cheesed that I was doing a two hour program, and he ‘only’ had a one hour show. A month and a half after that, he would be gone.
The cassettes that you see here were a gift from Ed to me in 1994. When he found out we were moving to LA, he called and during the course of the conversation said that he wanted to do something cool as a parting gift, but couldn’t come up with any ideas. It took two seconds to for me come up with something—my request was that he make me a cassette copy of whatever original recording that he had on tape of the Main Point show. Naturally, he groused and said I probably had the show on CD in much better quality and blah blah blah…all of which I agreed with—then I gave him my address and told him I’d be on the lookout for the tapes.
It goes without saying, but I’ll be listening to the show on these today.

Bryn Mawr

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