Can you hear me?


It’s your special day! Hope you spend it just your way!

My name is GB, I’m 5 years old today!

I love the Boss and The E-Street Band since I was in my mummy’s belly from where I’ve already attended one show.

Mummy says that when I was a newborn, I smiled if there was a Bruce’s song in the air, because I recognized his voice, believe it or not. I don’t remember though. But now, I sure like Tom Joad, Born to run and Jesse James … I try to sing them, but I do not speak American so I create my own words, it just works fine!

When I see some video, I really get excited during the E-Street presentations, I know all the E Street members, and I repeat the words with Bruce. And I like the drums.

Sometimes Bruce onstage makes me laugh, and I like Jake and the moves he makes when he plays his saxophone. And I love his hair too!

Today is my birthday, I’m so happy!

So, I send my “ciao” to all of you and if possible to Bruce ideally…I really consider him part of my family since…forever!

Now, let’s eat some cake.

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