Bruce, can I dance with you AND play the guitar? Yes, you can.


Well it was in Glasgow, my 20-somethingth show (not bad to say I was 20 at the time!). I’ve grown up with Bruce really – I first saw him with my mum, dad and brother when I was only five. I’ve always been very very fortunate at Bruce shows but it was obviously my dream to be on that stage! The day before we made the journey from Sheffield I decided I was making a sign! Mine said “Can I dance with Jake please?”. It was worth a shot, right? As soon as those first bars of DITD played, I threw my sign up in the air. There were some great signs around me (one said “I got married yesterday – please can I dance with you?!”) so I didn’t rate my chances really. My mum told me half way through the song that Bruce had clocked my sign but I didn’t believe her at all! But suddenly, Bruce was stood in front of me, asking me to come on stage! I’ve never run as fast as I did to get up there! I think the excitement of it all took over because I couldn’t stop dancing, no matter how tired I got! It was amazing to look out into the crowd and see people that I’d met nearly 15 years before at Bruce shows. After a few minutes of dancing, Bruce came over to me and told me he was gonna get me a guitar – I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! I was living the dream! I had my camera in my hand and didn’t know where to put it so Bruce took it off me and took a photo of me – with his guitar! I’d jokingly said to my mum all day “when Bruce gets me up, I’m going to take a selfie with him!” So of course I had to once I was up there! I don’t even know how I didn’t faint! I think the adrenaline definitely took over. When the song ended, I ran back to my family and sobbed for the rest of the show! Bruce has always been a hero of mine and I don’t think anything that I do will ever top that! Best day ever!


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