The five elements


If someone, in a far too cheap diner, someday somehow would found a secret passage leading to alter the time-space continuum, and consequently deprived me of Bruce’s music in my whole life, a chain reaction of events will activate, ending with me reduced, simply diminished, of 5 essential features.

First. Deprived of a lot of acquaintances but most of all of incredible friendships, with whom I shared unforgettable moments of life lived, that real life you are actually glad to remember and have in your past, and share with others. Those crazy moments in a picture, “Oh yeah I made that in Rome before Bruce’s show, my two buddies had set their minds on taking a photo with those kids. They’re a handball team. Chinese. No, they’re not famous, we ended up with the picture and then discovered they were actually a team.” This kind of friendship with so many levels of contact and a way of living life in symbiosis with music is kinda rare and special.

Two. Deprived of a lot of unforgettable things and decisions that pushed me further as a human being, for example that time I was not even of age and took for the first time in my life a flight, with eight virtual friends met on a Bruce’s forum (so actual strangers in real life) and traveled with them half of Spain to see the last shows of that tour. And I know if you say it aloud now, it seems not so a big deal. But I really was a kid then, and this meant the world to me.

Third. Deprived of 75% of the music I now love and can’t possibly live without. To be reaaally honest I would have to say 90%, but I want to believe I’m smart enough to think that maybe a 15% of my music I would have been able to discover it by myself, without Bruce’s help (and this also includes all the Bruce buds who pass -and passed- me suggestions for new and old bands during the years).

Fourth. Deprived of Bruce’s music. That, even if it all came down to this point, would be a bitter, infinite sorrow.

Fifth, and last. Deprived (or at least not so rich) of a series of human principles, values, hopes, dreams. Different ways to see the world, both abstract and concrete. There’s this thing Bruce said in Austin in 2012 that really made me think, I don’t know why it moved me so much but it really had an effect on me, it inspired me and I think helped me so much in some difficult choices I had to make in the past two years. He said: Be able to keep two completely contradictory ideas alive and well inside of your heart and head at all times. If it doesn’t drive you crazy, it will make you strong.” Being told something like this really opens your mind, and your conscience as well.

So, if you stayed with me through all the 5 points, I think you’ll definetly agree that it’s a real convenient lucky thing that certain far too cheap diners with particular secret passages only exist in good literary fiction.



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