We’ll take what we can carry, and we’ll leave the rest


When we try to explain this passion of ours to other people, one thing comes always to mind, it’s that “You know, it’s not “just” music” line. Because it’s true that Bruce’s music stays with us in our personal travel in life, and as time goes by and we grow old (and older!!!), there’s always a Bruce’s song to stay with us in a particular moment. It’s not just happiness, of course: in the end, it’s easy enough to find a song to come along a very happy moment. But Bruce songs can rub salt on our wounds, they’re so real and true, they can bring some real pain too. But we go on listening to them, because those words first of all make us understand that we are not alone in this pain, even if it’s “just” a rockstar who stays with us. And after a while we keep coming back to those words, because those words in the end help us to accept that shit, and even to get over it. Of course those are only words, it’s in us we have to find the strenght to get used to that pain. It’s the reason why the very same song can make us smile, or cry, in different periods of our lives; or why a song that for many years has never told so much to us, suddendly one day you listen to those words and you say Oh my God he’s just there with me, that’s exactly what I think! We simply were not ready to acknowledge it, before. And it may take years, sometimes.

But the good thing it’s that his music has something for each and everyone of us, in the end: saints, sinners, losers, winners. Sometimes it’s just a hope he keeps pushing in our lives, to be happy, to get over it, to find a place to belong. Sometimes we realize that while growing up our feet stay well down to earth, because that’s the way it is: we have bills to pay, kids to grow, relationships to work on, that’s life, you know. But what Bruce tells us is that you can keep your dreams and your hopes, you don’t have to throw them away as an adult: some will remain just dreams, and it’s ok, you can leave with this, in the end; and a few maybe will come true, and that’s what keeps you alive deep inside, that hope.




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