This too shall pass

Hello, I am 21 and from Australia.


From as young as I can remember Bruce was always playing in my household, for years and years my father would blast every album so Bruce Springsteen became a part of our everyday life.
When you are little you enjoy the music, you sing and dance but to become a fan and to appreciate his music and what Bruce does for us all on a personal level is when you hit that point in your life when you stop listening to just the music and appreciate the lyrics.
When you hit rock bottom so hard that deep inside you feel as though there is no way to get back up… And then you hear that song, reading this I’m sure one song popped to your mind. We share our love for Bruce together but our journey through his music is personal and something that words alone cannot describe.
His music has given me the courage to be the person I am today and to keep pushing on when times are tough. In a way, he taught me that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible in life, if you wish hard enough you may just get it… But at the same time he explains to us that you can try, and fail, but that’s ok, you can live with it, that pain shall pass, and you are not alone in this.

Bruce Springsteen’s music changed my life in so many ways and I will be forever grateful for that.
Thank you Bruce ❤

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