The influence of a good teacher can never be erased


Dear Bruce, I decided to write you since I did an English exam and I promised I would do it if I passed it. Well, everything went all right and now here I am to pay my debt with you.

It was in college that I really began to discover and appreciate you, to go beyond the easy listening of some of your songs, because I began to think about the lyrics. I had never studied English at school so I could hardly understand your songs, their words and their deep sense. I was taught my first steps in English by you and your music. It was a strange way to learn a foreign language, but I can say that it worked well: reading the words, translating and listening to the music were useful excercises! My life since then has gone in the direction I loved and I wanted: I am 46, I am a teacher, I teach Italian and Latin literature, I am a wife and a mother. And your music, your songs, your words have always been there with me. I did my journey through life with your music as soundtrack.

Recently, I decided that it was due time in my life to study English, for personal and professional reasons. Your example, your guide have been precious for me: when I did my English exam (just yesterday I had the results) I spoke about you and your music and I could use many words and sentences remembering your songs! The good result in English I had is dedicated to you, Bruce Springsteeen’s name is on it! My favourite songs of yours have always been Thunder Road, Born To Run, and Atlantic City: but it is really impossible for me to choose one: I love all of them. At school I’m thinking about doing a sort of thesis about your songs and/or to give my students some exercises of analysis of your songs as if they were poems (because, well, they actually ARE poems)

So, here I am: thank you for your help, Bruce, thank you for your job and your music. Just thank you.

Your fan, Rita (and thanks to my English teacher too 🙂 )

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