Danny Federici, 1/23/1950 – 4/17/2008


Of course we all grow up and we know “it’s only rock and roll”…but it’s not. After a lifetime of watching a man perform his miracle for you, night after night, it feels an awful lot like love.

“So today, making another one of his mysterious exits, we say farewell to Danny, “Phantom” Dan, Federici. Father, husband, my brother, my friend, my mystery, my thorn, my rose, my keyboard player, my miracle man and lifelong member in good standing of the house rockin’, pants droppin’, earth shockin’, hard rockin’, booty shakin’, love makin’, heart breakin’, soul cryin’… and, yes, death defyin’ legendary E Street Band”.

We love you Danny.


In 1981 I was in Zurich, Switzerland, to see a Bruce show. In the afternoon I decided to take a walk, have a look of the town. I was with some friends but they preferred to stay at the hotel and rest. So I wandered for a while, and I decided to end my afternoon as a tourist with a good cup of chocolate (I know, not very sex/drug&rock’n’roll… but the chocolate was sooo good!). And I ended in a little chocolate shop, and there was Danny, standin all alone, buying a paper cone of chocolates, eatin’ them directly there. I was all flustered and I couldn’t believe my eyes, but he was very kind, he smiled and signed me an autograph, and I ended up eating those chocolates too. It’s one of those sweetest memories I have of the Band, not only for the chocolate, eh eh.



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