Sea of heartbreak


Everybody’s life is different and unique, and so is the kaleidoscope of emotions that Bruce music gives us. I can’t say in a few lines what Bruce has been in my life, but I’ll try to tell a few words about what he meant to me in a very important period of it. He was able to lead me to a person who has changed my life, and he was able to give me strength to overcome my fear of falling in love, and he was there in everyday’s difficulties, such as distance, age gap, or the simple missing of my man. I like to say that in that period I was on a Thunder Road, that later became ours, and Bruce was there to celebrate with us when we realized one of our dreams: this is one pic of one of our better days. He has been the soundtrack of my love story, the most beautiful, the purest, the sweetest I have had, up until this day.

Now it’s over, and Bruce will be forever the one who gave me the courage to react, because, of course, it’s no a sin to be glad you’re alive. And every night, coming home, I can take a shower, and then still try not to surrender. His determination and words of love and truth are a constant reminder of who I am, even in the darkest moments, and most important, of who I want to be. For this, because his rock’n’roll saved my life, I have to thank Bruce.

Good night, it will be alright Jane…

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