On a rock’n’roll mission in the USA


I’m a musician, a blessed one because I fullfilled the dream of a lifetime when I fled to the United States last january to play at the Light of Day Festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey. I played an acustic set at the Stone Pony, and ended up on stage with all the crowd and musicians singing with Bruce and Bob Benjamin at the main event at the Paramount theatre. And later, I even get the chance to enter the private party at the Wonder Bar, and have a beer and a little talk with Bruce.

The really amazing thing is not only the good luck of meeting your idol, of course, because that is not impossible, with a little gimmick  and some stalking. It’s the chance of sharing your passion for rock’n’roll music with the person who put you in that path when you first listened to his songs, many many (but not too many, you’ll never get old enought to fulfill your dreams!) years ago. After the week end in Asbury Park I played at the New York City’s legendary The Bitter End, and I found myself walking at night for the streets of the Greenwich Village, just happy and grateful. That was the end, it was time to prepare the suitcase and the plan tickets, I was going home. And I was there in the night thinking that the days at the Asbury Park Festival have been like entering a purifying ocean of rock’n’roll, and you know who always preaches on stage of the healing power of rock music, right?

For me, it really has been a blessing, also for the energy and warmth that my friends at home were sending my way overseas with their sincere happiness for what was happening to me, that was real and precious, to me. And ending up onstage with the man who, after my parents thought me how to walk and stand tall, showed me how to run towards your dreams, that is just priceless.

And I just want to say thank you to my wife, who had to stay home, and who understood all these things even before they happened. I DID IT, PAOLA!







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