I swear to God these Norskis…

“Lilyhammer” S03 E01


I’m not really impressed by Lilyhammer, it’s not that I find it really ugly, I just don’t like very much how sometimes it goes too light and broad in its mix of comedy and drama. But I watch it anyway, being a fan and everything. So yesterday I watched the first episode of the 3rd series, where Bruce will be guest in a few weeks, and even if I found it incoherent at the most, that show entered by right in the cult zone of my tv series kingdom.

First, well, because there’s Gary Us Bonds himself onstage in the venue owned by Little Steven’s character. And second, at the end of the episode Van Zandt’ norwegian associate is lending the bill’s beverages to Mr. Bonds to make him pay his drinks, and Little Steven makes his surly look for a moment and then explodes: Are you F** kidding me? that’s Gary Us Bonds right there!

and now, let’s wait for Bruce.




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