If we are here, they are here


This a picture so very special to me. My grandma and my father, and me in my mother’s lap. We are all smiling, happy in the summer, no worries in our world. It’s really tough to accept that half of that picture is missing now. Still, I have this picture, this simple image of a small happy family in the seventies, with all our life in front of us.

You understand a parent’s love also in their desire to see all their children’s dreams to be fulfilled. It was spring 1992, and my mother had a son fixed on this american rocker from New Jersey,  who was not coming overseas since 1988… I don’t exactly remember how, but I do remember that she went through a lot of trouble to get me two tickets for my first Bruce concert, pre-internet era, living in a relatively small town. But in the end my mom ended me my tickets, it was one of the great unforgettable joys of my life, and I remember that she was so happy for me, just because I was happy for a dream come true, I still have no words to explain how special she was to me because she tried with all her heart to fulfill a little kid’s dream. That’s how mom loves.

Ten years later it was my turn to bring my parents to a Bruce ‘s show, me in the field with my friends waving happily back at the upper sections where they were seated.

It’s true that they don’t die as long as we love them, and in this, they’ll forever live with me.




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