Growing up is never straight forward, but sometimes you meet Bruce’s music to follow through.


I’ll often take my nephew out for lunch, on the way to and from the soccer practise.

So, what do you chat about with a soccer player? Music! Yesterday he explained to me that he listens to his parents’ music in the car, then he go upstairs in his room and google it to understand the words and have a reference. Then he listed his favourites: Light of day, Badlands, 41 shots, Rosalita. I was stunned!

So we started to listen to my ipod, and he goes on, Pink Cadillac, Seaside Bar Song, and I’m laughing because he favors the rhythm over the ballads, of course. But then Heart of stone begins, and he said That’s heart of stone, it’s a sad song. It’s a slow one, but it’s very very nice.

Then he asks me But was the Fever written for that “Losito” girl? because in the song he says that he’s got the fever for this girl, he means he’s in love right? How many girlfriends he had before his wife Patti and Julianne? Oh my, what am I to do, do I have to  lend him the “Bruce” biography?

He’s sure growing up fast, and in a good way. I’ve never thought he’ll be listening to “our” music, we surely never forced it on him, but I’m happy that he’s growin up with Bruce, like we did. It’s a good companion to have on the road.




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