You and I know what this world can do

But I’ll wait for you
And if I should fall behind
Wait for me
1-should4 1-should 1-should2 1-should3
That’s a tattoo on my arm, I am Jose from Spain, I choosed these lines because it’s the result of a special love story with Kelly, the love of my live, and this song has a special meaning for us. It is my only tattoo for now.
On the photo is Kelly and me, she likes Bruce but she is not a big fan like me. Our love story had a difficult beginning because we had both come out of difficult relationships and it took us some time be ready for another big relationship. We both “fell behind” at times and the song defined that perfectly.

One thought on “You and I know what this world can do

  1. Tracy Marshall-Fox

    Hello everyone- from. Melbourne, Australia. Very personal to put into words what his music and the entire band means to me. Saw him live at The Showgrounds in 1984- my life was totally transformed since that night. Loved his music since I was 10 y.o.- he has always hit a nerve with his lyrics- a poet, decent person – and so much more. I live for the day he visits us again- saw every show in Melbourne over past 2 years… But we waited 10 long years. My anthem is Born to run- lyrics will be written on my coffin. See you on up the road, fans- Tracy💜🎸🎷🎤🎼🎶


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