Burning love for the F** die hard

firenzeThree years ago, in Firenze, Italy, one of those magic shows occurred. One of “those” terrific, wonderful, once-or-two-in-a-tour concerts, in which everything can happen, and happens: pouring rain during the entire show, a friend of mine losing forever not one but two mobile phones, Bruce choosing a Burning love sign (and you know, Bruce playin’ Elvis…), another friend of mine dancing in the rain at the end of the field, all the members of our group scattered somewhere in the pit, Bruce opening Darlington County with Honky Tonk Women (and you know, Bruce playin’ the Stones…), and the Apollo Medley and The river, and it’s raining like forever, and I’m tired, and I’m hungry, and my neck is froze, and my nose is froze, and my ears are froze, and my toes are froze, we began with raincoats and such but at the end we are simply drowning, and still he’s playing like a man possessed up there, and tomorrow he plays another show and we have to drive for like 5 hours and I’m like No, no more, why am I doing this at 44 for God’s sake, and then he calls Twist & Shout and a perfect stranger just alongside me dressed in a pink waterproof jacket turns towards me and asks laughing Should we dance? And let’s dance, by all means!

firenze2Because suddenly I remember WHY I’m doing this at 44, it’s the power of rock’n’roll, and that man upstairs, drowning in the rain just like us, laughing while providing the redeeming power of his music, calling at the very end ONE MORE FOR THE FUCKIN’ DIE HARD fans, and starting Who’ll stop the rain, because nobody will stop that, but still we do not back down.

So, can you be completely soaked and free and truly truly happy? of course you can, it’s a Bruce show!

do you have any pictures of yourselves under the deluge for Bruce? share some with us!




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