This music is forever for me.

IvHow can I explain this deep passion for Bruce… I can’t. This will be a meager attempt to explain how I sometimes feel towards him, and a possible misunderstanding, given that the subject could mislead you to a coming out of the closet for me. But it’s not that, it’s just that I really think of him as a friend, a very close one, someone who has been in my life for the best and the worst part of it. And I may not be able to explain it, but if you have someone in your life who makes you feel like that, to me that one is a winner.

My passion is not an obsession, but for sure is love of a kind. He’s the reason I was the only kid who did not want to watch a Disney movie, I asked my dad to put “that man who sings ONE…TWO…THREE…FOUR” and I sat there with Bruce’s video anthology on. Then I grew up, I became (still tryin’, actually) a musician, and I began to detach myself from the obsessive-compulsive listening of his music. My friends and teachers strongly suggested this road, and I actually think that Bruce in the first place would yell at me, For God’s sake kid, just stop listening to me every day, there’s a whole world of music out there, come on, move your lazy-ass!

And I did just that, I moved on, new bands, and singers, and ways to make music, a whole new universe to explore and bask in. And where’s Bruce in this, now? Well, he’s there, deep inside, is my home and foundation, keeping me in line: he’s there for me when I need him, his music is not in my everyday life because it’s in me, forever.

So, I dont’ know if any of this makes sense… But thank you, Mr. Bruce Springsteen.



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