All’s Well That Ends Well

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I live about two hours drive from Cannes, where Bruce last year attended a horse show because of his daughter’s participation at the contest. I thought about going but in the end last year I decided not to try. Last Friday, however, I resolved to go with a Bruce bud of mine, but we were not lucky at all, Jessica Springsteen was not competing that day.
So I headed home discouraged, ’cause the next day I had an important work meeting I could not miss, plus on Sunday morning there was my daughter’s gymn exhibition, it was really impossible for me to come back on Saturday evening too. And adding on the downside, I had my car broken. Well, there was no sane way I could go, and so effectively enough my wife said to me Take my car and go, be sure just to be back for the recital, and here I am racing towards Cannes on Saturday afternoon.
I paid thirty bucks for the tickets, and from my area I could see Bruce and family up up up in the very VIP sections, I did not want to disturb or impose on him, (not to mention the security), so I just waited for a while, looking at the horse show meanwhile.
Anyway after about an hour I see him climbing down the stairs towards us not very VIP people, and I approached him asking politely for a picture, but he kindly refused and I backed down. When he returned I approached him again showing two pictures I had with me, to show him I’m a true fan, not some random stalker (even if I understand I could fit in the stalker section, in a sense). Anyway, I just wanted to greet him since it’s a very long time we’ve seen in concert, and as fans we do miss him.
The pictures were of me and my daughter at two of his different shows, and he stopped and looked at them, saying Nice! Very cute, and then he accepted to have a selfie with me, and autographed my daughter’s Linda picture.

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