Back to the roots

1-sottIn 1985 I was seventeen and missed what could have been my first Bruce’ show, I lived too far from the town where he played to have permission to go, I was in school with the summer session exams and no friend of mine was going. Still, my life changed anyway, I remember the desperate search for the bootleg after the show, a vinyl one with lots of imperfections that anyway was able to satiate my desire to understand, to live a little what that concert had been. I still have that bootleg and when I listen to it it’s always a great emotion, even if it’s old, scratched, with audio flaws and the set list order rearranged to get space for the whole show in the various discs.

So I dedicate this one to everyone who in 1985 saw the lights of that stage for the first time, got on the Bruce bandwagon at that show and have never got off. Bruce was in tour with the Born in the USA circus, lots of gigs, also overseas, and many lives changed from that moment on. For most of them it was the beginning of a love affair still wondrous now, 30 years later, a story made of immense hype building pre-shows, mad runs, boring lines, miles and miles of traveling, planes, hitch-hiking, sleepless nights, more boring lines, bad sandwiches, warm beer, cold rain, red lines on the head for the sun, wristbands, rollcalls, pits, blood brothers, promised lands to reach, dreams to follow, serenades in New York City, thunder roads and backstreets, Sandy, Candy, Rosie and lots of Mary, no restreats, glory days, changes made uptown.

Talk about the love story of a lifetime!

PS. Love the piece with Clarence, what a couple!


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