There are not many more perspectives but Bruce will be there anyway

Hi! This is my “Springsteen & I” submission, I told a story, my personal story to say what his music means to me.
I hope you all enjoy it. See you out in the street…

1-Io foto di RobyWhat does Springsteen mean for me?

it’s like the last time, in Florence
when he kicked off with ‘Badlands’ we all felt like part of an unrepeatable and a unique energy

when you listen to his music, your days too become epic. There are no Highways around here, but if “Thunder Road” starts playing you can still believe that there is a Mary ready to run away with you
to a better place, where it is possible to be a better person.
Here I am with my Bobby Jean, now and then we are able to meet ven if he doesn’t often show up in town. W
e talk about women, music, politics…once we went all the way to Dublin to see Bruce with the Session Band. The journey we wanted to make at 20, we ended up making at 40 (it was a very good excuse to see the green island, the island of Van ‘The Man’, the Waterboys, Joyce and Yeats);
sometimes you lose and you get lost, that’s what I often talk about with him:

“with her I got lost, disoriented for real. For her, the open door wasn’t enough,
she wanted the free ride too…
and now, now what am I going to do?
I can’t get her out my brain and my soul”.

Darkness, what a record. At the time, I’d listen to it six times a day, I’d listen to ‘Darkness’ and check out the girls, they were the only things that I was really interested in. At sixteen I didn’t understand what his songs were about, but the isolation I felt at school matched perfectly with that guitar and that voice, which whispered and screamed with grief

I should call her, shouldn’t I?
I won’t call her
she never answers…anyway

maybe it’s better if I go to the cinema,I’ll be able to stop thinking

It was painful even to go to the cinema with her, even there we would argue:
what hadn’t worked
what had broken?
I’m going to bed
I hope to stop with these thoughts…
at least for today

After all, the problem was not leaving, but coming back, especially if you don’t come back as a winner. Here is my ‘Hometown’, I came back after my university years, many things had changed
and I didn’t know almost anybody anymore. But, above all I couldn’t recognize myself anymore here, everything was familiar and, at the same time, weird.

In my hometown factories have started to close down. Until not long ago, in every house there was a small factory producing shoes, there was prosperity for everybody;
then the world changed
The space for the small factories grew smaller, and the economic crisis gave the final blow. My old man too had to close down his factory, he, who was so fond of his job. It was really hard to convince him to give it up, but there’s not much else to do when the customers don’t pay and you’re stifled by your creditors.
at the end it was not too bad he goes on designing and making his shoes, and I’m sure he’ll do it forever.
Enough with the past, let’s talk about the present: How did Bruce affect my life?
well, I deal with cinema, his songs are like movie sequences, his records are full of film images.
My two passions merge, we show films that talk about music and musicians, when I present an event, it’s a bit like getting on stage and playing. Petra, Manuel and I, we try to make sense of our passions, we are kind of a little E-Street Band.

What kind of music do you listen to?
a little bit of everything, I’d like to reply: “a little bit of nothing then”
but she is really cute, so hopefully, she won’t dig deep about what I do for a living. If from an interesting artist I turn into a precarious employee of the cinema business… the magic will end.

What would we have done without rock music?

here I am with my uncle Patrizio, he taught me to appreciate rock music since I was a child: ‘Born to run’, ‘The River’, ‘Darkness’ were familiar to us. A a working class man who reads Jung and Dostojevsky, doesn’t he seem like a trapped hero that Springsteen sings about?
Music has always been his shelter, a way out of the overwhelming routine, we often talk, not only about music and art, he has always been my favorite confident and, as always, he listens to me. Tonight, we are invited to Michela’s, my dearest girlfriend, it’s an amazing occasion, they haven’t met for 20 years. Life is really strange some exceptional things happen, only if something upsets your daily routine.

What else can I tell you, maybe, if the other night the rocker had sung ‘Born to Run’ I would have left the place with her
maybe she is my Wendy with whom I could walk in the sun

What I know for sure is that I need a change, there’s a need to start again.
Here, there are not many more perspectives, Bruce will be there anyway to accompany and lead me,
because he is the best Rock Director ever
and as he said in Florence
we, as fans, are sometimes
“Fuckin’ die hard”

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