The moment of revelation


When I was sixteen, my mother was in a record shop where there was a list hanged up in the wall showing all the big events of that summer in the city.  She read it and then she bought two tickets for the Bruce show, one for me and one for my father, she came home and said: You gotta go see this one, they say it’s huuuuge live!

And so we went, I barely knew one song, probably just Born in the USA, I had no idea. None whatsoever. But, you know the feeling, you go for the first time to a Bruce show, and you come back different. My father had a happy time but came home and his life went on just the same as before. Me, I was hooked. I began surfing the net trying to have bootlegs of the show. There was this site, I think it was Jungleland, and my nickname was Brucechetta.

and then, after you have the bootlegs, you want other shows. It has just no end.

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