Big night in Philly 2003 @philadelphia #therisingtour

Gente che ancora non ci crede

There was a big full moon that night, during Ramrod on Roy’s solo at the piano (go Professor!) passed ont the big screens too, Bruce laughed at it, then began to jump all over the stage crying I think a Werewolf in on the prowl! Everybody HOWL now!!! and all the people shouting back Awhoooo! crazy, completely crazy.

In the picture, nice touch of me standing near the trash bins, BUT you’ll notice the finesse of having the t-shirt matching the stadium banners of the show (bahaha).

I have found a video from Ramrod, it’s not very good quality but I think it delivers the message, in a way. And we can see the big Man doing some very nice moves! It’s split in two parts:


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