Those were the days #HammersmithOdeon #Borntoruntour

mike baess

In 1975 I went to the Hammersmith Odeon show, I didn’t have a ticket but me and some other street urchins broke in at a side entrance. It was easy in those days. Anyway, security came running and we scarpered in all directions. I had brought a cheap Agfa camera with me I was chased around the theatre with the show in full flow. Suddenly went through another door and found myself in the press pit, was seen by security again, ran up some steps, through another door and found myself literally on the side of the stage. I was standing by Danny Federici’s amp and took about 10 pix. Then made it back to the press pit where I shot a few more. One of the greatest gigs I have ever seen.

I was literally breathing down Danny Federici’s neck. Can’t imagine this kind of thing happening these days but that was rock’n’roll those days.

Mike Baess

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