Can’t EVER get enough of this picture – story – adventure with Bruce! @springsteen

Everybody remember the nice lady of this “silent scream” picture, right? And here you are her story, one of her friends tagged her, and here she is!


“Hi everyone. Thanks for your kind comments. I’m the woman in this picture which seems to have become quite legendary. I’d like to tell you my story about the picture.

It’s from Copenhagen in May 2013 when Bruce was giving two shows in Denmark. I was seven months pregnant and had been standing in front of his hotel for a few hours with my mum (who is also a huge fan), hoping to get a glimpse of Bruce. We had met most of the band members when I had to go to the toilet. On my way back, I saw people gathering up real close to the entrance and instantly knew this meant Bruce was there. So I hurried back as fast as I could. There was no space left in front of Bruce, but I was able to catch a spot behind him. My mum was in front and wanted to ask for his signature. All she had was a “business” card from Bruce Funds, which we had both been involved in (if you don’t know Bruce Funds, please check them out). So she passed the card to Bruce and he laughingly said “Bruce Funds, is that some kind of investment fund? Hahaha!” As I was right behind him, I took the opportunity to tell him about the work Bruce Funds does to help unfortunate fans get to see his shows. He seemed genuinely interested and touched by this and said “Oh, that’s so great!” – and turned to me, hugged me and kissed me on the cheek! Moments later, I caught my mum’s eye (remember she was standing in front) and sent her this silent scream – which a photographer caught on camera and put on the centre fold of a national Danish newspaper as well as their online version. So that’s what happened in the moments before this picture was taken. I should add that I was also lucky enough to get his signature on the front of my Born To Run album a couple of minutes later.

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