Bruce is part of our soul -our past, our present, our future untold

Bruce has been an important part of my life since 1978.  Racing in the Streets especially spoke to me after a family move.  His music has since been on my life’s journey and is truly a part of my soul.
My favorite concert was Chicago ’09.  It filled my heart to see Bruce greet Clarence as he descended the stage on his lift with a hug and an “I love you, Big Man.”  One could definitely feel that love.
My most exciting moment was being in Springsteen & I.  Never thought in a million years Bruce Springsteen would watch me saying Gluteus Maximostus!  I suppose I should cringe, but hey, I’m pretty sure it’s what got me in.  My poem didn’t make it.  If it makes your cut, I hope everyone like it. It’s my response to The Wish and what he means to me.
A Little Boy and His Ma
His ma bought that guitar
Her little boy made it talk
Taking millions of drifters
On a banded life’s walk
A story, a look, the count, the crowd
A laugh, a horn, a memory, that sound
A chord, a dream, a fear, the pace
He just has to fit one more word
In a place with no space
He’s brought us down highways
Across riverbanks and trails
Up through the glorious stratosphere
Deep into gutters and jails
From back rooms to palaces to bedrooms locked
He’s lived in our worlds
In our shoes he has walked
The comfort we feel in the intimate crowds
Has been sorely contested
By ever-present storm clouds
The electricity, the connection, his comrades, the words
Have bound different together
As should be in this world
The beat, the knowing, the family on stage
The years, the bond has strengthened  with age
Their energy, it leaves us
Needing one more dance, just one more beer
Yet so exhilarated, so content
Spent beyond all compare
That little boy and his ma
Could never have dreamed
What one day all those notes, those words
Together would mean
So thank you, Adele Springsteen
He is part of our soul
Our past, our present, our future untold
Patty Thompson

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