Right there with me #BruceSpringsteen #SecretGarden


I’ve been listening to Bruce for almost twenty years, but my closer encounter with him happened over three years and half ago. In April I received a bad diagnosis regarding one of my kidneys, and in June I had to undergo surgery. I had my family and friends with me, but Bruce music was my real medicine. I’ve lost my parents, and those two months between the biopsy and the operation were a real ordeal for me, but he was right there with me. There was a Bruce show eight days before my surgery, I’ll never forget that evening in the deluge, that passion and happiness, and at the same time a sense of calm and rebirth.

A year passed, and I went to Freehold with a thank-you letter I wrote for Bruce,  a friend of mine suggested a bar he’s often seen hanging out at while he’s home, and I left it there for him. I hope that someday, sooner or later, he’ll get that message, and my thank you. I survived because I was not alone, because he was there for me. My favourite song is Racing in the Street, but when I think about that period I often listen to Secret garden, my secret garden, that now I’m sharing with you.

Peace and love to you all.


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