Thinking of him #DavidBowie #BruceSpringsteen

“I wanto to take a moment and just note the passing of my good friend David Bowie. David, not that many people know, but he supported our music way, way, way back at the very , very beginning, 1973. He rang me up and I visited him down in Philly where he was making the Young Americans record. He covered some of my music, “Hard to be a saint in the city” and “Growin’up”, and he was a big supporter of ours. I took the Greyhound bus down to Philadelphia, that’s how early on it was.

Anyway, we’re thinking of him”.

Bruce Springsteen

WATCH: Bruce Springsteen Put On a Powerful David Bowie Tribute Last Night
Springsteen killed this “Rebel Rebel” cover.


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