Bruce Springsteen as a role model


As fans, do you look up to him as a role model along with appreciating his artistry? Over the past few years, I felt like he’s inspired me to really give back to my community, and use my privilege to help others in need. I was raised in a family of philanthropists, so it’s been in my blood since I was a kid, but growing up with his music has given me the opportunity to take a much more mature outlook on the world. I respect how much he’s taken the time to be involved in food banks in the cities he tours in, playing benefits for charities and his kids’ former schools, making donations to various causes in his area, and not bragging about what he does for others.

I’m by no means rich (unemployed college grad), but I’ve taken time to get involved in social issues within my area because of him. I’ve been a regular volunteer at the Trenton soup kitchen, I’m planning on getting involved in my township’s local government this year, and have mostly abandoned my initial career pursuit as a journalist to work in the non profit field and try to make a difference in the inner city. Since I strongly identify with a lot of his lyrics, it has allowed me to step back and look at people’s struggles (as well as my own) to obtain the American Dream through his music.


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