Danny Federici #BruceSpringsteen #EStreetBand

I don’t know many persons who’d go to the show specifically to see -or listen to- Danny, the favorites in the Band have always been Max, Stevie, Nils and of course Clarence. In all my life I have met only one person who actually was fond of Danny, claiming that when he saw him there playing hard on his organ accordion, his blow dried hair all combed back, he was a sight to behold.
A friend of mine says that in a way he began to really appreciate Danny when he was gone, since he understood, listening to Charlie who is by all means a really good musician, that those intricate yet clean work of hammond was something Danny let out as a real natural, you don’t learn to play that way in a conservatory. It was a vibe in the Band that you know nobody will ever capture or recreate.
So long Danny, you are not forgotten.

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