The moment of revelation


When I was sixteen, my mother was in a record shop where there was a list hanged up in the wall showing all the big events of that summer in the city.  She read it and then she bought two tickets for the Bruce show, one for me and one for my father, she came home and said: You gotta go see this one, they say it’s huuuuge live!

And so we went, I barely knew one song, probably just Born in the USA, I had no idea. None whatsoever. But, you know the feeling, you go for the first time to a Bruce show, and you come back different. My father had a happy time but came home and his life went on just the same as before. Me, I was hooked. I began surfing the net trying to have bootlegs of the show. There was this site, I think it was Jungleland, and my nickname was Brucechetta.

and then, after you have the bootlegs, you want other shows. It has just no end.

Those romantic young girls…


It was the mid- eighties, and in my Country -Uruguay – Democracy was returning. I was entering  my teenage years and I thought I could change the world, I was proud, happy, confident.

I can’t remember exactly when it started, if it was in 1984 with Born in the USA or in 1985 with USA for Africa, but I perfectly remember where and because of who it started.

It was at my friend’s Giselle house, she was mad about this american rock’n’roll singer. At home, in those years we basically did not listen to North American music, and anything that came from the USA was looked upon with suspicion. But there was this man standing tall on his stage, showing his muscles and shouting, with this voice so different from the ones I was accustomed to, telling things I did not understand yet.

My friend was completely in love with him, translating for me all his lyrics, together trying to understand all the deep, hidden significance, not always succeeding. And in that way I let myself be carried away to Bruce’s world, and his music entered my life and had been with me till today.

In 1988, we were in the stage of full teen-fandome, and we heard about the Amnesty show that would have led Bruce -among with other great artists – to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to end the Human Rights Now! Tour. We
thought it was a sign of fate that for the first time in, well, FOREVER, he would have been so close to us, “merely” just about a thousand kilometres! But we were 14 years old, and the world was very different then. Teen girls didn’t go out alone, didn’t decide what
to watch on TV, nor where to go on vacation and much less went alone to rock concerts of NORTH AMERICAN singers. It
was impossible to think that we could have the opportunity to go to a
rock show in another country, but when you are 14th you think big, and nothing seems really impossible. So we asked our families, and I
remember the exact moment when we told our parents; we had conjured to have the support of our older brothers, who anyway wanted a chance to go too. And I don’t know how, I still don’t know
how, but our parents said “yes”. Of course not immediately, there
was the economic problem too. Now I think that maybe the fact that it was a festival promoting the Human Rights movement had influenced their decision, plus the region was living a cultural rebirth moment, and a celebration of political liberty too.

So, October 15th 1988, after a long, whole night on a bus, traveling from Montevideo, we arrived in Buenos Aires. That day a great part
of my affective and musical life was defined, living such an experience in your teenage years leaves a mark in your soul, and mind, forever.

And since it had been a real religious experience, I kept all the
possible memories of that day: the ticket was always hanged in my
room’s wall and I even kept the clothes I wore that day.

From this point on Bruce became the music of my life, I studied English with passion to understand all of his lyrics, I like to say that we grew up together, I became older and he was always there with me . The themes of his lyrics evolved, and  I realized I wasn’t going to change  the world, in the end. I felt in love, then married, one of his songs playing in the background, I named my son Bruno, to honor him. Time passed, life went on, and little by little, year after year, I lost the faith on the possibility to see Bruce again in my life. Then, one day the rumors started, the articles talking about the chance that he could actually come back to South America, I started to dream again.

Since the day I read an interview with Steve Van Zandt in  June, 2012, where he said that the band should return to Argentina I started the countdown, not only to see him again after 25 years but I also felt that, month after month, day after day I was losing years to return 14th again, because that’s how I felt inside. You cannot possibly understand me, if you have not dreamed for 25 years to see another concert of his, to be again at a Bruce’s show. And, for all the dreams I’ve had, I could never really imagine what I finally experienced.

One year before the actual date of the show, when rumors started,
I met on the Internet an Argentinian group that had started a  petition asking Bruce to come back to Argentina, then I befriended  the people of a Latin America fan club called  “Greetings from  Argentina” and that’s how I get to meet
ten Uruguayans that are now my Bruce buds, my real good Bruce friends.
What was generated among all these persons, Argentinians,  Uruguayans, Chileans, Venezuelan, Peruvians, all waiting for the big
news, connected via Facebook daily, hour after hour of waiting and dreaming, is something I’d really like to see in a book. So my personal dream of 25 years had come to an end, it had become
something even bigger, not only I was dreaming for me now, but for all my friends, all these persons who had waited for years, out there with me. That’s quite a connection, it’s a love shared in a circuit, and therefore later, when the show came, my happiness also embraced theirs all.

The concert took place on September, 2013, I was in the first
row, and I remember it by moments, something like my “entire life
flashing by” I was also so moved looking around me and seeing the same expression on all my friends face, I knew which particular song each of them was expecting, and then seeing their faces when it was played, their love for Bruce in that moment, I still have goosebumps remembering.

And the good thing is we maintained that friendship even after the show, what we lived together in those days in Buenos Aires is another of the great gifts that Bruce  has left us, one for I’ll be forever thankful.

The show, all in all, was a huge, gigantic bonus track for me, because the day before I had the chance to greet Bruce in person. I had never dreamt to actually meet him, that was beyond my dreams.

The night he arrived into town we froze outside the hotel but he didn’t
show up. I had with me the vinyl of “My hometown” and the ticket
from the Amnesty show, my treasure. The next day we waited for
hours and finally he appeared. When I saw him coming towards us I
couldn’t believe he was real, that he was actually THERE. I had to
make an effort to understand that this was Bruce in front of me, I was too overhelmed, my brain was overloaded! In the hours spent waiting for him I thought that given the chance to actually see him, I would probably faint, and certainly become mute.
So when he was next to me I only passed him the ticket through
the fence silently, trying not to embarassing myself. He started
to automatically sign it, and then from somewhere in the outer space and totally calm I began to talk to him, telling him that He was holding my treasure, my ticket from his one and only show I had the luck to see, 25 years ago. He answered “Really? I can’t believe it!”
and then, tenderly, he passed his hand through the fence and
caressed my face.
I was in shock, my brain utterly shut down.
He looked at me, then again at the ticket, and said “Wooow, this is
amazing”, as if he thought strange, in a way, that he could have fans loyal to him, in a place he had quite never visited.

I came back from heaven and told him that I couldn’t wait for him 25 extra years, and asked him to come back soon. He laughed, with
this big and sincere laugh we all know (I made Bruce laugh! how wonderful is that?), then he signed my vinyl too and left. I turned
back and saw my husband smiling, we hugged so very close, and cried.

After a while I looked at the ticket, he had drawn a heart with
exclamation marks under his autograph.
My treasure of 25 years was now sporting a heart drawn by Bruce, talk about giving a sense to your dreams!

Greetings from South America, all you Bruce fellow fans!


Sometimes in the blessed name of Elvis, you just let it blast!

I think we all agree on the low musical judgement, regarding the 92/93 world tour with the band of misfits en route. But I have to say that I was 16 at the time, it was my first show ever, and I have fond memories of the concert per se.
I remember me and my friend arriving at the big queue, two mommy’s sweethearts in jeans and bandana on the wrists meandering at the half of the queue, a guy from the security telling us to go back at the end of the line and one girl in queue saying Well if it’s just the two of them… Imagine something like this happening to one of us today? bahahah.
And so we entered, and waited, and waited.
I barely knew he had a new Band, that was not THE Band. But I onestly thought I would never see the E Street on stage, and that was the first time in my life I was going to see Bruce, and I was beyond excited. I remember the crowd in the parterre waiting for the show began to sing the Glory Days chorus, I’ve never heard that on the next tours.
I liked the opening with Better Days, to me it was one of the best opening ever (not beating Tenth Avenue, ok). Bruce soo young, smiling, lively, bouncing all over the stage. We think now he has energy on stage, and he does, but those days… well, younger crowd, younger band, and younger Bruce. With a black shirt with paramecium, long hair, and big big smiles, just happy to be onstage again.
And me, well, I was already on nirvana, I was so happy!
Born in the USA, that was the second song I was waiting for (ok, again, I was sixteen!), but when it happened I thought it strange, the drums not quite beating the right “beat”, Roy overflowing at the synth, it was too weak, too…blah.
I really liked Local Hero and Darkness, not so much If I should fall behind, I thought it lame, at the time. Nothing compared to the ’99 version, anyway.
57th Channels was good, with that intro “No justice No peace”, but besides that I thought it was a song with a meaning, with the video on Rodney King riots in LA, and all those channels and nothing worth watching, and our inability to be satisfied no matter what abundance we have. And how about if we shut it down and talk to each other, what a concept! I thought it had a strong message, but after that tour it simply vanished… he only got it back a little in Livin’ in a future, I think. And anyway that line: sometimes in the blessed name of Elvis, you just let it blast! is a really good one.
I really don’t remember a single moment of The river, my first The river, I want to kill myself right now.
Living proof was a really powerful one, I think because Bruce really felt for it.
My hometown was great, and Badlands was a blast: the crowd was goin’ crazy, beer flying everywhere, fists rising at the sky, jumping and shouting. A great one, with any band.
Leap of faith, that’s another of which I don’t have any recollection at all: and it’s one of those few songs for I’ll offer a relative to the altar of the Gods of Rock just to have a chance to hear it live, now.
Man’s job. Ok, that was my favourite of the two albums: at that time I was dating a girl older than me, and I listened to that song thinking it was about the work a real man has to do to be with an older woman. I know I was just deluding myself, but you read in a song what you want to read in it, sometimes.
Roll of the dice, too long, really, did not care for it.
Lucky town, a nice one, I really like this one. I think it’s a great rock song, very underrated in Bruce’s career.
Gloria’s eyes. Cover me, Brilliant Disguise, Real man, I don’t have any memories, complete fog.
Tougher than the rest, Patti on stage with a miniskirt, ended the song with a kiss.
Thunder road, I don’t remember it, not a second. How patetic is this?
Light of day, WOW, just WOWZA. That was the first time I hear of this song, but such energy, Bruce unleashed on stage…Great rock’n’roll moment.
Human touch, I honestly have to say that is not such a bad song as many fans think, in my opinion. Maybe it’s also because it’s the title track of one of the weakest albums of his career, but the song alone is good, for me.
Then Glory Days, Working on the highway -choosing a girl to dance onstage with him- and Bobby Jean (not a bad triptych, considering, ehn?): a lot of singing, and sweating, and rock’n’roll in full blast.
Hungry heart. I know there had been timid signs from Bruce’s side to try and sing it in a soul version, but as far as I can remember we anticipated the chorus, and it ended with him givin’up the choisters and he sang the old version. It’s funny because I think in general he does onstage what he actually wants… but in that tour, with Hungry Heart, it was like the crowd said: Ok new band, 4 years without a show, no Clarence, and you want to change H.H. too? No way! You sing it how WE want it!!! bahahah.
My beautiful reward, that was strange, ending a show with a slow piece, but it was actually beautiful. And anyways he didn’t end it: he remained onstage to annouce Born to run, and the crowd went crazy: people crying, shouting, girls tossed in the air, hats flying, my backpack opened while I was jumping spilling everywhere the contents, and I did not stop to collect any of them, someone even estinguished his cigarette on my pack! (at those medieval times you could smoke in a sports arena!). I am fully aware of the fact that really, today, that Born to run version would be easily classified as ugly, to be kind. But we were completely happy at that time, I went home on a perfect cloud of happiness and joy.
And so, what can I say… I know, that was not a great band, nor a great tour, in the history of Bruce’s tour. But I have really great great concert memories, and, well, let’s say that sometimes I wish it was ’92 all over again.

Kids of my age, they find Bruce “too old”! What can I say, they are fools!


Hi! I’m french, I’m 17 years old and I love Bruce Springsteen since four years now. The first song I listened to was “Hungry Heart”, when I was 8 years old. And I falled in love, just like that! Then, I went to a concert, the 4th of July in 2012. I only knew a few songs, but it didn’t avoid me to have fun! After this concert, I never stop listening to him. I subscribed in a group of Bruce Springsteen fans on Facebook, where I met a lot of other Bruce buds, and some of them became friends.

My favourite song changes often, but the ones I really really love are Thunder Road and The Price You Pay! 🙂

My favourite album is Born to Run, since the beginning. I think that, through all these albums, there’s a story, an amazing one. Look, in Darkness, he talks about The Promised Land and in The River, in the Price you Pay, he sings “Do you remember the story of the Promised Land”. And that’s the thing I love in Born to Run. All the songs are connected, I mean I can’t listen to just one song like that. I have to hear the whole album. I don’t know if you get what I wanted to mean!
In a certain way, he changed my life. Thanks to his music, I see world in a different way, I understand it better. I know that I’m young and I can’t completely relate to the songs, not to all of them: but in a way, I do. Maybe I’ll understand them better when I’ll grow up, but that doesn’t mean I cannot understand the meaning, even now. I mean, didn’t you all grow up with him, like I’m doing?
If you say Bruce, immediately, there are stars in my eyes, I have goosebumps… I’m in love!
As for my friends, mostly they don’t understand this passion. Just this girlfriend of mine, she discovered his music thanks to me, and she really likes it now. She didn’t know him before. In our group, it’s true that the conversation always turns around him, from my part. Maybe it’s boring for them, but not for me! They understand that I love his music, but they don’t understand the fact that I find him extremly handsome, even today. Kids of my age, they find him “too old”! What can I say, they are fools!
Anyway, like a lot of others fans, like you, Bruce is a part of my life, the biggest part. Once I’ve fallen in love with him, there was no possible return to normality. Everything turns around him and his music.
I wanted to share my story with you. Thanks for taking time to read it! Cheers!