That’s some serious Springsteen ink #brucespringsteen #tattoos

These are my six Bruce tattoos, my ultimate favourite artist. I can never remember not loving his music. It’s always been part of my life. I don’t go through one day without listening to him.

the LOHAD tat says: “this train carries saints and sinners, this train carries losers and winners, this train carries whores and gamblers, this train carries lost souls“, and the Badlands one says: “Talking about a dream, trying to make it real. You wake up in the night with a fear so real. You spend your life waiting for a moment that just don’t come”


Riding up tonight to case the Promised land #thunderroad

Hi from Belgium. This is my Bruce tattoo, notes from a line in Thunder Road, where it says: “Throw roses in the rain”. It was a hard time for me and I chose that song, it was a start of a new beginning in my life and it was my way to have Bruce with me through it.



Keep on dreaming

This is my friend, a flamingo in a flock of pigeons, who dared to dream big and went overseas to study, with sacrifices and hard work (said sacrifices including missing some Bruce shows in the area, because the money earned went in the school fund and not in “amenities”). Yesterday, after years of working on a dream, she finally had her first fashion work show! Always follow the sun my friend, and keep on dreaming!


You and I know what this world can do

But I’ll wait for you
And if I should fall behind
Wait for me
1-should4 1-should 1-should2 1-should3
That’s a tattoo on my arm, I am Jose from Spain, I choosed these lines because it’s the result of a special love story with Kelly, the love of my live, and this song has a special meaning for us. It is my only tattoo for now.
On the photo is Kelly and me, she likes Bruce but she is not a big fan like me. Our love story had a difficult beginning because we had both come out of difficult relationships and it took us some time be ready for another big relationship. We both “fell behind” at times and the song defined that perfectly.