Someone special #BruceSpringsteen #ClarenceClemons

“Clarence” said Norman – “I love you man, but I’ve got to be honest with you. You’re making a huge mistake.”
I had considered that possibility. Maybe it was a huge mistake. There was really no way to predict what would happen. I just knew that when I played with Bruce it felt right. Exactly right…
“Maybe so,” I said. “But like the man said, if you don’t take a chance you haven’t got one.”

Clarence Clemons- Don Reo, Big Man

There are sax solos that are better if shared with someone. There are pieces of lives, actually entire lives, that are better shared with someone special.



The river binds #TheRiverTour2016 #BruceSpringsteen


There are travels you’re not actually sure – you are even a little afraid of – what, or where, they’ll bring you on the road… They you got there, with the hugs of  people that really care for you, there are laughs, and some tears, motels with a heating system with a mind of its own, there are smiles, burgers and milk shakes, there’s beer, and the Boardwalk, there are sunsets and dawns on the beach, there is the snow and there’s the sun, there’s the stupid selfies, there’s The Ties That Bind, and Backstreets, and Hold on… And above all, there’s so much soulful emotion to enrich your entire life, and there’s nothing more a man could ask for.

Thank you Bruce