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I don’t know many persons who’d go to the show specifically to see -or listen to- Danny, the favorites in the Band have always been Max, Stevie, Nils and of course Clarence. In all my life I have met only one person who actually was fond of Danny, claiming that when he saw him there playing hard on his organ accordion, his blow dried hair all combed back, he was a sight to behold.
A friend of mine says that in a way he began to really appreciate Danny when he was gone, since he understood, listening to Charlie who is by all means a really good musician, that those intricate yet clean work of hammond was something Danny let out as a real natural, you don’t learn to play that way in a conservatory. It was a vibe in the Band that you know nobody will ever capture or recreate.
So long Danny, you are not forgotten.

Happy birthday Danny @springsteen #DannyFederici @MVZaGoGo


Happy birthday Danny. You were not a front man or in the first line of stage, you did not have an instrument tipically “cool” for rock’n’roll chicks. But you were Danny Federici, and in the E Street Nation you were fundamental: you played Bruce’s music for 25 years, and you played it as Bruce wanted, when he wanted, sometimes, as Bruce often said, even anticipating the sound  he was searching. You were there for 25 essential years, and we loved you, you have to be sure of that. The last E Street concert was the last you were playing with them, for me. Clarence was the big Man, he was larger than life and beyond, but you were there from the beginning, from that early silly black and white picture with Bruce and Mad Dog, and we won’t forget that. Nor will we forget your sound and your music, with your funny face and your blow-dried hair in the Eightes look, hitting on those keys like there was no tomorrow.


Maybe you were not too fucking big to die, but you were the Phantom, and I think that on stage and in studio a Phantom would surely be useful, even nowadays.

I’m sorry you had to go too early, and I miss you on that stage: but you were there, you still are, and this is all that matters, in life, and in rock’n’roll.

Be at peace, love




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“I wanto to take a moment and just note the passing of my good friend David Bowie. David, not that many people know, but he supported our music way, way, way back at the very , very beginning, 1973. He rang me up and I visited him down in Philly where he was making the Young Americans record. He covered some of my music, “Hard to be a saint in the city” and “Growin’up”, and he was a big supporter of ours. I took the Greyhound bus down to Philadelphia, that’s how early on it was.

Anyway, we’re thinking of him”.

Bruce Springsteen

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