End of the tour (for a little while) #Bruce Springsteen #Brooklyn #TheRiverTour2016


Back home in a few hours after two awesome shows in Brooklyn. I think yesterday’s concert was one of the best I’ve ever seen, Bruce and the Band are at top form after months of shows, and there was that feeling of being relaxed and party party party because this leg of the tour is at an end, and tomorrow they’ll rest for a while. I onestly think Bruce is happy of the work done, artistically speaking, but also relieved in a way because he is free of not having to perform every night the same show, a thing he has previously never done in his career.
I am happy and honored to have been there down the River with him and the Band, but I’m also looking forward to all the things the new set of the tour will bring.


The River Tour Los Angeles 2016 #BruceSpringsteen #LA2016

Four friends and a trash bin. A few thoughts after two LA shows.
I cried true tears on Backstreets.
The Band is awesome but Max needs to change the barber. Or the hair cut. Or both.
The set lists are EXTRA- ordinary, that’s right. There seems to be a lack of will to play the outtakes (of course I’m not talking about, let’s say, Roulette). I reckon that they are probably (reasonably so) not considered up to the ones that made to the official LP.
The River is a magnificent album that moves deeply, each and every night. “My” E Street rock’n’roll sound is all there, in that record.
Last and not least: 67 years, and counting.

Bruce Springsteen in Rome & The Counting Crows #BruceSpringsteen

My favourite news in the midst of all Bruce concerts annoucements is that in Rome, July 16th, the show will be opened from the Counting Crows. Because one of my wildest dreams is to see the Counting Crows featuring Bruce on stage in this “Rain King” with the Thunder Road interlude, and/or (let’s dream big) to see Adam Duritz coming out with the E Street who has begun his favourite, Fourth of July  Asbury Park (Sandy), then close all together on Thunder Road and everybody can happily go home.

Well, I did think it, and now you know it. It might just work!

Roy Orbison’s singin’ for the lonely… and the dreamers.

Ermanno Labianca



Ready to be transformed? @springsteen #BruceSpringsteen #TheRiverTour2016

Back home after three shows in the States (and boy, what a show in Philly!). I think that for the first time in years Bruce is managing a tour with great ideas, and soul. I know there’s some criticism by fans regarding his choice of proposing a “backward” tour, giving that a series of The river shows have already occurred in 1980 and 1981. But for me, this is a great tour: I think Bruce has chosen the idea of giving a new life to the present and improving it, instead of trying to re-live the past: so the entire The river set has been rehearsed, studied and thought up. The songs are beautifully arranged, the choirs very well chosen, and the Band always delivers, both in the rock rides and the intimate ballads. And having him there explaining what he tried to do in writing an album like The River, and presenting some songs talking to us like he didn’t do in a long time, well, for me that was beautiful. The river is one of the three albums of my life, and it has been a true privilege to have the chance to see it in its entirety not once but three times.

I’m not entirely convinced about the second set of the concert, where he plays 10/12 songs – mostly the same – show after show. But I have to admit that I see no other possible solution other than playing them like he does, or closing the show after Wreck on the highway (that, I admit, would be in any case a fantastic show). Ok, maybe he has lost some spontaneity during the years, that’s probably true. But it’s the entire The river album we’re talking about, what’s to complain about spontaneity? it’s the river, say amen somebody!