Ah, but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now


There’s this one first show in 1985 that I missed, and I’ve never really passed over that trauma. I’m not saying that I sit home mulling over my loss, but to be honest there’s always this tiny sense of sadness when I think about it. Because it was the first show he made in my Country, you see. And I was young, and simply that pain never completely goes away, that’s about all you have to say on youth. It sticks in your heart.

I really tried to convince my parents to let me go, I tried to wear them out with tears and criyng and silent treatment but it did not work, I was only 14 years old and for them sending their baby daughter to a rock show equalled to offering me to Satan himself.

So I tried to run away from home to go to the show, they caught me and we did not talk to each other for months, really.

And well, what can I say, I really really really tried hard to be there, but regardless everything, I wasn’t there. And regardless all that happened… I would try again!


Well, you don’t know where you’re goin’ now…


Going to a concert is always a good thing and it is always exciting if the music is good. Going to a Springsteen concert, however, is not quite the same thing, it is a different matter. Going to a Springsteen concert means “undressing” of your own cloths and put on new ones, turned inside out like if you’d be in a mixer till be unrecognizable and feel like a new person.

All kind of people go to a Bruce’s show: good ones, crazy ones, “normal” ones (what’s normal, anyway?). There are those who follow him just because it’s cool to say “I was there”, or just because it is a rock concert but they don’t even know what it is to be expected. There are those who follow him with absolute faith, others who perhaps doesn’t even know a word of his songs but were blinded by the light, there’s the fundamentalist who is behind him throughout the tour and knows every detail. There are those who go away five minutes before the event is over when I would not go, not even five minutes after it is finished, actually. I just want to sit there and hit the rewind button. But, you know, that is fair and fits almost everything, EXCEPT the ones who take an umbrella with them, sorry, you just can’t see that to a rock concert, come on. Are you kidding me?

I met wonderful people during my Bruce’s journey (which is going on since many years, and still counting), and it’s nice to meet friends, some of them became real good Bruce buds, and great brothers. It’s nice to be moved during the show, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. For me it happens at some concerts, not quite all, but some. There was this show on 2013, I had a total emotional block during Land Of Hope And dreams. I was singing out loud with a few tears here and there until those words “ …Faith will be rewarded …”, and a lump in my throat stopped me, I wasn’t able to say one more word, I tried to continue but I just could not stop crying.

The explanation, I think, is right in that sentence: “Faith Will Be Rewarded”. In my life somehow, some small reward I’ve received, some wish fulfilled. You gotta keep believing this, even when life throws you some bad ones. But I was there with my wife and beside me lots of friends, and that’s one of these “little” rewards that are indeed priceless.

Keep rocking you all!


Bobby Jean


When I was young I had this cassette, my first downright musicassette, not just Bruce’s. First song was Johnny ByeBye, then Bobby Jean; it was an old tape, and you know how it was (if you were there when you paid for great music), you loved your tapes, and if they broke you tried to wind in the tape, to adjust it. And generally you succeeded, even if sometimes the tape got a little ruined in some places. And mine was like this, there was a little lameness in Bobby Jean, precisely when Bruce was talking of the rain and the fear, their was this delicate shrivel up of the words and the music, just for a second. But for me, it was like when you’re a baby and you’ve got your old teddy bear, all ruined and the threadbear fur and even without a paw, you LOVE it. So that was my song, my Bobby Jean, a little wrinkled, but mine, through the years and all the listening.

At that time, for me Bobby Jean was a love song, still is, actually. I did not have the texts, so I had figured in my mind all this movie of a love story with a beautiful girl. I did not understand all the words but I had this feeling that it was a story of two people who would never really leave each other. And I was not so mistaken, considering.

Yes, it’s a song for Stevie who was quitting the E Street Band.

But when you listen to it, alone in your car, with someone special, with a friend, with your love, in the dark of your bedroom or in front of a stage, it’s always the same and different song. If you’re in love, if you’ve been dumped, if a love has just ended or if a new one is just growing, with a brother or with a stranger you have just met under that stage, with someone who has been there for you your entire life: Bobby Jean has always something to tell you.

It speaks to you of a kind of love that never dies.