To Bruce, who was there, and will always be.


My Bruce anniversary is on May 23rd, because it’s the day he officially became a part of me, at my first show. And this is my last year’ dedication:

I dedicate this post to all friendships, the lost and the recovered (hopefully for good) ones.

To you, who punctually are there to say “You never have money but for some reason you always have money for concerts!”. Maybe it’s because I choose not to spend my money on the weekends in clubs!

To my dear sister, who actually understands zilch on music but… sometimes she just gets some Bruce song!

To my brother, for a million reasons.

To my mom, who laid the foundations of my Bruce fandomness.

To him…who even if is not is my life at this time, made me listen to Dancing in the Dark and Tougher than the rest when I was 4 years old a million times in the car, and who had this The river musicassette wich finally made me think Ok let’s give this Springsteen dude a try, maybe it’s good music, maybe he’s not just a hunk.

To the boy who made me lose a Bruce’s show in 2009, a heartfelt FUCK YOU!

To the first person who saw my first Bruce ticket.

To all the Tramps like me, the ones I met and the ones I will met, someday.

To all my Bruce brothers and sisters, who each and every day are there to say: NO SURRENDER!, no matter what.

To my doggie Sandy, yeah, that’s right, from 4th Of July Asbury Park!

To me, I think in the end I deserve this!

To each September 23rd, when I have all sort of messages on my cell, and calls for Happy Christmas on that day. If you are not Springsteen’s fans then no, you can’t get it.

To his Fender. To E Street Band. To Danny. To Clarence.

And to Bruce. Who really makes me a better person every day. Who truly sometimes gives me a good reason to believe at the end of a hard day.

To Bruce, who was there, and will always be.

She gets it


My wife thinks I’m crazy, and I understand that. But she gets why I’m crazy for Bruce.

There have been periods, especially in the first years we met, in which I only listened to Bruce, for whole days. And if there was an article or a program on radio or Tv in which they talked about him, I was like almost in trance. After a while she began to appreciate some of his music, she also bought a cd, 18 tracks, I was so sure she was making a gift to me, yet she bought it to keep it for her. When he was touring for Tom Joad there was a TV show on him, me and her we did not live together, we did not even live in the same town, and we both saw the show. Then at the end she sent me a message, which said “But he’s just like you, when you play” that was not meant to say I looked like Bruce physically, not even in the look, she just meant he was my landmark in music, him and all the music he brought with him, all the roots I desperately tried to make mine while listening to his and his fathers’ songs.

Anyway even understanding that she remained in the resolute believing that my obsession for the Man was bordering on crazyness (hey, I never denied that).

She had a turn on her point of view during a show (I know, it’s always like this). It was a date on the Devils and Dust tour: she remained astounded for days, after the show. That voice, that presence on stage, a whole arena silent in participation… I remember during Long Time Coming, at the second or third verse Bruce stopped, took a step back getting away from the mic, looked at the people, barely a touch for the note on the acoustic guitar, and kept singing almost without accompaniment. The whole place was silent, and he was there just barely singing, talking to us, just his presence kept us together and still. He was talking to each and everyone of us, it was irreal and tremendously powerful.

At the end of the show she did not say much, but I knew she had understood. On the way home she juts said Now I get it, why you love him so much.

And during the years, well, she never reached my crazyness, and that’s ok, more than ok for me, but when the dates of the tour come out she is always Ok, we gotta prepare. What are you waiting for? What about the tickets?
She gets it, now.



And then there’s LOVE


Today is my mom’s birthday, and even if she’s no fan at all, I’d like to thank her on this page. She never tried to tear Bruce and his music apart from me, she never tried to call me out of this strange passion she did (and does) not understand. When I was a teenager and began to bring home Bruce’s vinyls, she just asked a couple of times So who’s this? an american right? mmmh, ok. And then another time she asked Is he a good guy? (like he was someone I could actually date, or take home to meet the parents!), is he taking drugs? is he violent? and when I said Yes no and no, that was it. She never raised the question again.

My parents let me go to my first Bruce show when I was 14 years old, and you know how they say, 14 years old in 1985 was not like 14 years old nowadays, that in a way is surely true. I asked my mom lately if that was in fact a big decision in my family, because I don’t actually remember any particular discussion on the subject. And she said Well, we were not happy, it was another era. You didn’t have cell phones, you had no way of controlling your teen (not that you can actually “control” them now, just saying) when far from home, sure it was a big decision: a girl, just 14, in another town, to a rock show… But your father said She wants to go, she’s not a baby, plus she’ll be with a couple of friends. And I said myself  You have to trust your children, sooner or later. You raise them, you try your better to warn them, to raise good human beings not too stupid. The rest, in the end, is up to them. And God. I spend the all evening praying until you came back home, screaming in the back yard BABY WE WERE BOOORN TO RAAAAAAAN waking up all the neighbors.

There was one time at a school meeting with parents, and I heard my friends’ mothers saying that their daughters were bat crazy about this strange new band called Duran Duran (!!!) and my mother said Well mine is crazy about an american rock singer… it’s just the age talkin’, they will grow up out of this. But I didn’t grow out of Bruce. And though she had to assist to many many many years of extreme fandomness on my part, she never told me Ok it’s time you understand that adults don’t spend all their money to travel around the world for rockstar concerts. She just complained a bit because she was worried I was not saving some money for my retirement fund (as if…), but for the rest she just says You work, you earn your money, you spend it on what makes you happy.

And many many years later there was this big advertisement sign for a Duran Duran Reunion (My God the horror) and all my co-workers were again bat shit crazy again for a night, you know, just that night: because they didn’t live their passion during the years, they grew out of it, and it was ok for them to re-live for few hours their teen years.

So the next day I was there to my mom’s for a cup of tea and I told her See? I’m still here, Bruce and vinyls and rock’n’roll and everything. I loved him then and I’ve not changed like all my classmates did, in this passion.

And she said Well there’s love, you know… and then there’s LOVE.