Sea of heartbreak


Everybody’s life is different and unique, and so is the kaleidoscope of emotions that Bruce music gives us. I can’t say in a few lines what Bruce has been in my life, but I’ll try to tell a few words about what he meant to me in a very important period of it. He was able to lead me to a person who has changed my life, and he was able to give me strength to overcome my fear of falling in love, and he was there in everyday’s difficulties, such as distance, age gap, or the simple missing of my man. I like to say that in that period I was on a Thunder Road, that later became ours, and Bruce was there to celebrate with us when we realized one of our dreams: this is one pic of one of our better days. He has been the soundtrack of my love story, the most beautiful, the purest, the sweetest I have had, up until this day.

Now it’s over, and Bruce will be forever the one who gave me the courage to react, because, of course, it’s no a sin to be glad you’re alive. And every night, coming home, I can take a shower, and then still try not to surrender. His determination and words of love and truth are a constant reminder of who I am, even in the darkest moments, and most important, of who I want to be. For this, because his rock’n’roll saved my life, I have to thank Bruce.

Good night, it will be alright Jane…

Just keep on dreaming


On the last tour I probably lost the concert of the year. I was flat broke, no time to fool around and even less focus, since I had a real important exam to prepare for. I am sincere here, I truly was green with envy for all my friends who happily attended the show… But since I became a college student in Architecture I really began to understand what is the meaning of making sacrifices to make your dreams come true: you don’t go out or mess around, you don’t go shopping, sometimes you don’t eat and you don’t sleep, you just don’t have time to do anything but study, and to arrive at the exam with a bed head and bags under your eyes.

And then you pass your exam and all this suddenly makes you proud, because in spite of all the problems and the efforts (and big fat SHITTY exams), I’m doing what I want to do, I’m working for my future, for my dreams, and I like it. And Bruce is always there with me, he never leaves my side, he keeps me grounded and at the same time he lifts me up. I keep going on, because it’s one of his biggest truth: you gotta believe in your dreams.

I went to that exam with my Born to run t-shirt, and you know, I passed it, it’s my lucky t-shirt, after all!

I was feelin’ so bad, I asked my family Doctor just what I had


Hi, my name is Max and I want to introduce you Bruce, my therapist. He’s very good, believe me. He’s treating me since I was 14, and I’m really really good ever since. He’s always available and his psychological counselling is at your disposal in both dvd and cd format.

He has a full equipe, too, and sometimes they demonstrate in group therapy his recreational program, that is top of the world quality. You can join too, is not very expensive, I promise.

If there’s something you need, that you just don’t have, well, you know, there’s just one thing that you have to do. Actually, no, it’s two things: yeah, one is that, of course, you raise your hand.

And the other, well, ask my therapist. He always delivers.