Because Bruce is family, you know.


I’ve been a Bruce die hard fan for 41 years now (and counting!), and I say he will be with you through good times, that, you know, it’s easy; but above all he will be with you in bad times too, to lift you up, and to keep you believing in your dreams. It’s true, I’m not saying this just as a form of flattery, Bruce has been with me through every major event in my life, he’s the background music of all my life. He got me through those rough teenage years and through the fun twenties, and through my mommy years, and now I’m a grandma and with my baby we listen to Bruce and dances and shakes his head, so Bruce’s music is there for me also in my grandmom years, and that’s just great.

I hope you all feel always the same because he really will help you rock your life in good and bad, he’s the best, and that’s why we love him so much.


So, what’s your favourite moment at the show?


Of course an opportunity missed is an opportunity lost. Of course you wanted to be at that other show, the one where he played that one song. But this one, this show you are living, this concert is an opportunity not to be missed, and you didn’t. You just have to look around you, see all the people happy, smiling, singing…they don’t want to be anywhere else in the world. Of course it would have been fantastic to go to St. Louis or New York or London or Helsinki, because each show is magic, and every note has been played, as usual, as if it was the last note played on earth. Of course Bruce and the band played with no mercy. And of course tomorrow he’ll play something else, he’ll maybe play more, or even better. Still, you are living this concert, and you’ll have something unique from this show that will always be with you, and no one else will have. This song, this moment will live with you for a long time, and you have been given a priceless gift, a memory of happiness with your friends, or family, and of course, with your soul mate rockstar and band.


With Bruce, you belong


I think Bruce’s greatness is that I’m here, sixteen years old in 2014, and I find myself, I find significance in the words of a twentysomething kid of the Seventies. Isn’it it beautiful? Great music does not age. We are all here because we love the man, we love that he can put a fire in our everyday misery, and after all those years he still can make you believe in apparently impossible things. His music connects different people all over the world, and can speak to each and everyone of them, that’s why you can hug a complete stranger at one of his shows when “your” song arrives. You lived your life, and they theirs, on his notes. That’s why when he enters the stage you feel that you belong, you are not alone.